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Sue Mobbs Art Realms

Welcome to my art realms.

I'm a nature artist based in the UK, Norfolk, taking my inspiration from the beautiful world around me. My mission is to convey the spirit of nature and nature's energies, bringing the outside in, to directly engage with you, the viewer.
I create impressionistic, expressionistic and abstract themes that capture nature's feeling, spirit and energy, expressing what I see and feel.
Please feel free to browse my collection and send any inquiries my way.

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Hello Bee! Print detail 4.jpg
Hello Bee! Print detail 4.jpg

My Art and Inspiration

It begins with a thought, a feeling. A change of colour in the sky. An image on a stone or a landscape on the floor...

Hello Bee! Print detail 4.jpg

I work mostly in watercolour and acrylics, experimenting with many different styles and colours and use only professional artist quality materials. I sketch and take photographs outdoors, using them or just creating from ideas and thoughts of what I feel.

 The visual immediacy of a painting can transport you anywhere and can trigger the mind, body and spirit into a state of well being in experiencing the raw power of nature from the beautiful, calm tranquillity of my flowers to the sublime exhilaration of my seascapes.

In today's climate many of us feel the need to relax, meditate and free ourselves from the hubbub of The Everyday, social media and technology. Many people have found my artworks to be uplifting, meditational and spiritual; a connection with nature in an instant, to help become more in tune with a more natural state of being.

Hello Bee! Print detail 4.jpg

Artwork Gallery

Hello Bee! Print detail 4.jpg