So Christmas is nearly upon us again! Every year I’m so surprised at the speed with which it arrives and every year it catches me out! But one thing that I prepared for and which I haven’t tried before was painting some watercolours especially for Christmas Cards. I researched popular themes and added my own take on them from the styles and techniques that I paint in. I chose my Spirit Animals and created some quirky, cheeky animals. I chose a Robin, very festive and popular, an Owl and a Hedgehog wearing Christmas hats (who doesn’t love them?), and an Earthworm, yes a Christmas Earthworm also wearing a Christmas hat! Let’s face it we all need Earthworms at Christmas. There would be no vegetables for our dinner. No sprouts, parsnips or roast potatoes! Not to mention the Holly, Ivy or Mistletoe! (And nothing for the other Three to eat! Mean? Haha!)

I’m selling them in packs of four, four different designs on my website

Free delivery in the UK, as with all of my artworks.

I think limited edition Christmas cards are getting more popular instead of mass produced ones, I certainly prefer to send them.

I’ve painted the little Robin many times, loose and splashy. I’ve adapted it this time as I received a comment on Instagram “is this robin a la shotgun?!” Well! What can I say? Yes well I have adapted it. I saw the funny side and had to laugh. The message was meant as a joke but you do have to develop a thick skin in this business and I’m getting there slowly. I do what I do and that’s it; experimenting, improving all the time, doing my thang and putting it out there. Anyone is free to comment, like it or not, I’m not bothered. We all like to be appreciated don’t we? And what we create is an extension of ourselves. As we are created we strive to create. It’s part of us as creators, it’s what we strive for. I just love making art and if you like it and I sell it then great! If not I’m going to make it anyway.

To be honest I’ve not been painting much since the cards. There is so much else to be busy with creating this time of year from decorating trees, rooms and cakes, baking, food to making snowmen (actually no snow at the mo!) Everyone is so busy.

However, I have got very interested in Japanese Art recently. My son bought me a beautiful book of Haiku poetry illustrated with amazing paintings. So transient and ethereal. I try to achieve this in some of my own paintings, which are also inspired by nature, but my techniques and style are very different. And so I’m going to experiment a bit. If I’ve been a very good girl, Father Christmas might bring me some Japanese Art brushes and ink. If I’ve been naughty I can try and draw with the coal! I’ll let you know in my next blog; hopefully with some paintings.

Well wishing you all an amazing, magical Christmas and a Wonderful, Happy New Year!

Sue x

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