Autumn Crow An original, watercolour painting.

Autumn Crow An original, watercolour painting.

Autumn Crow, original watercolour painting. 

W. 9 x H. 12" 
Part of my animal spirit/ energies collection.


This sleek, handsome autumn crow was painted by me using watercolour on watercolour paper. 
The crow sits on a branch with all the brilliant, blazing colours of autumn leaves behind.
I used many layers of grey and black with touches of crimson for the dark feathers.
For the tree I applied brown, grey and black in short brushstrokes with longer strokes of white on top to suggest the wonderful texture of the bark. 
For the background I created the beautiful leaves of fiery autumn in layers of gold, reds, yellow and orange to contrast with the sombre dark colours of the crow.
I love crows they are such magical creatures.


The painting has my signature on the front and on the back my name with the paintings title, date and dimensions.


All paintings are securely packaged in acid free tissue paper, cellophane, ridged cardboard and one inner card backed envelope and one outer padded envelope.
My paintings  are sent via Royal Mail.