Blue Water Lily, original acrylic painting, full image of beautiful flower and background..

Blue Water Lily An original, acrylic painting

Blue Water lily. An original, acrylic painting.

W. 16.5 x H. 16.5"

Fourth in my series of stained glass effect paintings.

The beautiful water lily has long been revered throughout history as being symbolic and spiritual dating back to the Ancient Egyptians who revered the flower especially the blue water lily which symbolised the sun and rebirth. In Hinduism  and Buddhism the flower symbolises resurrection. In Buddhism it symbolises Enlightenment and purity.

 I used Golden acrylic blue blended with red and white to create the lovely petals of the water lily, with touches of light Yellow for the lower petals.  For the centre I used medium yellow. I applied the pigment thickly to create the texture. I painted a dark background of purple and black to enhance the water lily and lily pads, and to create a sense of the spiritual and mystical which surrounds the flower.


The painting has my signature on the front and on the back my name with the paintings title, date and dimensions.


All paintings are securely packaged in acid free tissue paper, cellophane, ridged cardboard and one inner card backed envelope and one outer padded envelope.
My paintings are sent via Royal Mail.