Fire Tree, an original mixed media painting, full image.

Fire Tree

Nature's Spirit Art, Original, Abstract watercolour and acrylic painting, Fire tree.

11.75 x 16,25"


Fire tree is an engaging abstracted watercolour and acrylic painting which I created using high pigment watercolour and acrylics on heavy mixed- media paper. Fire tree captures the essence of nature's spirit depicting elements of renewal, survival, destruction and rebirth expressing the power of nature. The watercolour background of intense fire colours (red, yellow, orange) contrasts with the cool acrylic indigo tree and the watery pale blue in the foreground. The water quenches the fire keeping the tree alive and strong. 


The painting has my signature on the front and on the back my name with the paintings title, date and dimensions.


All paintings are securely packaged in acid free tissue paper, cellophane, ridged cardboard and one inner card backed envelope and one outer padded envelope.
My paintings are sent via Royal Mail.