I Like It In Here; full image, figure outline on a yellow and red background.

I Like It In Here

I Like it in Here

Acrylic on Paper

40 x 55 cm


This painting is the first one in this figurative series artworks which concentrate on feelings of anxiety in the world. (Please see my other paintings, 'In Here' and 'Here').


 I created this work as a reaction to the chaos of the last couple of years. It reflects my feelings of wanting to hide under a jumper as is stated in the title 'I Like It In Here'. A seemingly safe and warm place to be hiding from the world.

I painted a black, acrylic outline of my body shape on an abstract, background of yellow and red, to represent the chaotic world outside. However, although try as I might to block it out, it is still there within me.


The painting has my signature on the front and on the back my name with the paintings title, date and dimensions.

All paintings are securely packaged in acid free tissue paper, cellophane, ridged cardboard and one inner card backed envelope and one outer padded envelope.

Larger paintings may be sent securely in a cardboard tube.

My paintings are sent via Royal Mail.