Shades of Winter, abstract watercolour painting, spirit of nature artwork, full image.

Shades of Winter

Spirit of nature art, abstract watercolour painting: Shades of Winter. 

11.75 x 16"


I created the work using layers of purples and greens with touches of black, blue and white. I chose the colours to reflect the spirit of winter, from the chill, crystal air to the evergreen foliage with a sprinkle of ice.

The painting is created on heavy mixed media paper.


The painting has my signature on the front and on the back my name with the paintings title, date and dimensions.


N.B. 1cm (approx.) border of brown adhesive paper is left on due to the painting process. This will be lost under the mount board or framing process.


All paintings are securely packaged in acid free tissue paper, cellophane, ridged cardboard and one inner card backed envelope and one outer padded envelope.
My paintings are sent via Royal Mail.